Studying in Stockholm

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Every year hundreds of new international students arrive in Stockholm. It’s a time of great excitement and anticipation, and for many, expectations are running sky-high.

So the real question is: are these expectations met once term is underway?

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Polidesign 2.png, founded by Politecnico di Milano, is a worldwide point of reference for post-graduate training. With more than 20 master’s programs and 30 courses, all devoted to design culture – from products to interiors, from fashion to communication and from services to cultural projects – is aimed at students and professionals who want to specialize or to improve their training. has access to the deep reservoir of multidisciplinary skills in the first and most important technical university in Italy. Together with the School of Design and the Department of Design, it forms the Politecnico di Milano Design System, which is a pool of resources, skills, facilities, and laboratories that is among the most important in the world.
The permanent structures, cultural institutions, fairs and showrooms, publishing industry, schools, displays, exhibitions, and events in Milan are numerous and contribute to creating a culturally lively and dynamic climate that can enrich professional and training courses, providing a broader experience of design in all its most up-to-date forms, from the perspective of constant innovation.
Relations with the professional sphere are endorsed by the presence of three of the most important associations of design professionals on the board of
ADI – Association for the Industrial Design
AIPi – Italia Italian Association of Interior Designers
AIAP – Italian Association of Visual Communication Design
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Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan

Every student who comes to Cattolica soon discovers his or her favorite place in Milan. From lawns and cloisters to cafés, gardens and laneways, Cattolica offers an environment where lifelong memories are forged.
Cattolica is a complete university within a prized central location. It has a strong academic profile, one that is reflected by its ranking, reputation and global network. Cattolica is distinguished by its sense of welcome, engagement with students and, above all, its recognition of the individual.

Ca’ Foscari University, Venice

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Founded on August 6, 1868 as the “Scuola Superiore di Commercio” (Advanced School for Commerce), Ca’ Foscari was the first Italian institution to deal with advanced education in Business and Economics. The original main office is still found in the grand gothic palacevolta de canal” (on the bend of the Grand Canal), in the heart of Venice.
As a leading center for academic excellence, Ca’ Foscari strives to attract and nurture talented scholars across the world, offering a distinguished curriculum and delivering cutting-edge research emerging from the active engagement of the hard and digital sciences with the disciplines of our traditional establishment rooted in social sciences and humanities.

“Cristina di Svezia regina della musica a Roma” / “Drottning Kristinas sångerskor”

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During her period of residency in Rome (1655 – 1689), Christine Queen of Sweden was a patron and promoter of music. This was a particular historical moment in which Rome was one of the most active musical centers in Italy and in Europe thanks to Carissimi, Corelli, Scarlatti, which the Swedish Queen invited with enthusiasm and generosity at his court in Palazzo Riario.

Cristina di Svezia regina della musica a Roma – Le “canterine” al suo servizio” (“Drottning Kristinas sångerskor – En omvälvande kraft i Roms musikliv 1655–1689“) by Anna Zilli deals with the private and professional lives of some singers who enjoyed the protection of Cristina, thanks to which they could also perform in the first public theatre in Rome – the Tordinona – inaugurated in 1671. 

The book illustrates the musical activities promoted by Christine of Sweden in the eternal city, both in the ambit of her Royal and theatrical Academy at the Tordinona and in the private theatres of the patrician families of Rome with particular attention to the performances of the “female singers”.

The author Anna Zilli is an independent researcher. She performs musical activities as a singer and she also is the President of the Accademia Musicale Cristiniana, which usually propose the music that was promoted by Christine of Sweden in Rome.

The book received the literature support from C.M. Lerici Foundation in 2018.

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A Guide to Studying and Working Abroad


«An international experience during university is no longer only a nice option, but a choice with a profound impact on your life and your professional experience», says Bocconi’s Vice Rector for International Affairs, Stefano Caselli, in his introduction to International Career: Interactive Country Guides, an online resource for Bocconi students (available on the BBoard platform) designed by the Career Services and BUILT, Bocconi University Innovations in Learning and Teaching.

The resource aims at giving students insights and information about study and work destinations across the world. When choosing your destination from the list or on the rotating globe in the homepage, you are presented with a fact-sheet, information about Bocconi exchange and internship programs in that country, a short video and information about business practices and working habits, including some dos and don’ts in the workplace. Did you know, for example, that in Scandinavia it is preferable to avoid talking loudly or gesticulating wildly?

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Blodsleken / La Paranza dei Bambini by Roberto Saviano


In 2017 Brombergs Bokförlag received the Lerici Foundation’s support for the translation and the publication of Blodsleken written by Roberto Saviano, published in Italy by Mondadori in 2016 with the title La Paranza dei Bambini.

Blodsleken is a thrilling story about a young group of boys in Naples who set up a gang in order to make money and enjoy a hedonistic life with no boundaries.

Roberto Saviano is the Neapolitan author and journalist who was forced into hiding after publishing his 2006 expose Gomorrah about the Neapolitan mafia.


Swedish universities develop comprehensive framework for their climate work

A collection of 36 Swedish universities and colleges have created a combined climate framework to serve as the basis for individual climate strategies, with the goal of coming into line with the Paris agreement’s 1.5C warming limit by the year 2030. This ambitious plan aims to both reduce direct emissions and increase involvement in societal climate questions.

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