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During her period of residency in Rome (1655 – 1689), Christine Queen of Sweden was a patron and promoter of music. This was a particular historical moment in which Rome was one of the most active musical centers in Italy and in Europe thanks to Carissimi, Corelli, Scarlatti, which the Swedish Queen invited with enthusiasm and generosity at his court in Palazzo Riario.

Cristina di Svezia regina della musica a Roma – Le “canterine” al suo servizio” (“Drottning Kristinas sångerskor – En omvälvande kraft i Roms musikliv 1655–1689“) by Anna Zilli deals with the private and professional lives of some singers who enjoyed the protection of Cristina, thanks to which they could also perform in the first public theatre in Rome – the Tordinona – inaugurated in 1671. 

The book illustrates the musical activities promoted by Christine of Sweden in the eternal city, both in the ambit of her Royal and theatrical Academy at the Tordinona and in the private theatres of the patrician families of Rome with particular attention to the performances of the “female singers”.

The author Anna Zilli is an independent researcher. She performs musical activities as a singer and she also is the President of the Accademia Musicale Cristiniana, which usually propose the music that was promoted by Christine of Sweden in Rome.

The book received the literature support from C.M. Lerici Foundation in 2018.

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