pavens hästar
In 1999 Kari Lawe received a scholarship from the Lerici Foundation in order to carry out her project research about horses at the Pope’s courts until 1929.
Now her research has ended in a book published by Carlsson Bokförlag​, titled “Påvens hästar”.
In this book, Kari Lawe examines the position and the function of the horse in the Pope’s ceremonies and celebrations over the centuries until 1929, when they were abolished.
The horse has meant a lot in ancient religions and cultures, as in Christianity and in the Roman Catholic Church as well. Lawe shows how the horse became an emperor’s signature for the Pope himself and a symbol of his feudal exercise of power.
With the help of a rich and unique image material, the author tells about power, religion and ceremonies, always with the horse at the center and as a symbol on many levels.
Kari Lawe is a theologian in Christian history as well as a philosopher. She also is an experienced connoisseur of the Vatican after studying for a long time its archives and libraries. Besides, she is also an experienced rider and horse owner.
Lerici Foundation is proud to support thoughtful and passionate researchers and be witness of their success.
Find more info about the book here:


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