With a Second Level Master degree in Characterization and Technologies for Reclamation of Polluted Sites at Università La Sapienza (Rome, Italy), Monica Ventura followed a project about “Indirect effects of reindeer grazing on food availability for brown bears” at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Uppsala, Sweden).
The project was carried out by two international working groups consisting of 4 people each, who worked between mid-June and mid-August 2019.
While the first group dealt with the central Swedish region (including the sites of Idre and Sånfjället), the second dealt with the northern part of Sweden and Norway, mainly collecting data about plant cover, the abundance and maturation phase of flowers and fruits, as well as the census of twigs of 4 species of interest (Empetrum nigrum, Vaccinum Myrtillus, V. vitis-idea, V. uliginosum), as well as parameters indicating the abundance of reindeer, elk and hare in the sites of Abisko (Sweden) and Jotka (Norway).
Read more about this project on our website, in the Projects Archive section (Archivio Progetti IT – Projektarkiv SE).


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