In 2010 Tom Malmquist reads in an old newspaper the news about the death of Mikael K., a 30year-old man found dead in a cave closed to Stockholm.

Is it a murder or a suicide?

The fact dates back to 1991, when Tom was just a boy. The case remained unsolved and then was closed. After almost twenty years, Tom searches for documents and information with the aim of writing a book, but he gradually discovers disturbing analogies that link him to the victim. Driven by a frenzied obsession he turns into an irreducible detective, and the investigation becomes his only goal as if finding meaning in Mikael’s life and death were the key to finding meaning in his life, and a new beginning.

“L’aria intorno a noi” (“All The Air That Surrounds Us”) is a narrative investigation – between autofiction and true crime – about a man without qualities, hidden in the folds of a news story. Moving with courage, Tom Malmquist manages to reveal the mystery of every life, which in others’ eyes can take shape and deliver itself to the dazzling power of memories.

Tom Malmquist (1978) is a Swedish writer and poet. “L’aria intorno a noi” has been published in several countries, and NN Editore will also publish his debut novel, “In Every Moment We Are Still Alive”, which won many international awards, reaching the top of the New York Times’ chart.

Tom Malmquist is the first Swedish author published by NN Editore – with a literature grant from @cmlericifoundation – and we hope he will be just the first of a long series.


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