If you loved Jag är bror till XX, then we have wonderful news for you!

Nilsson förlag has recently published De möjliga liven, a collection of short biographical essays written by Fleur Jaeggy.

On his old typewriter, named Hermes after the messenger of the Greek gods, Fleur Jaeggy wrote the short biographies of three male writers who lived between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century: Thomas de Quincey, John Keats, and Marcel Schwob.

Jaeggy upholds the authors’ creative vein, their madness, their uncontrolled drug use to give readers the unforgettable snapshot of the life of these three authors: how they look or get dressed and how they behave. It’s impossible not to be enchanted by Jaeggy’s wide-ranging hypotheses.

Minimalist, enchanting and captivating: three adjectives that are perfect for this book and for Fleur Jaeggy’s writing as well.

De möjliga liven has been translated from Italian by Viveca Melander and published by Nilsson förlag, which also published Jag är bror till XX. Both books received the C.M. Lerici Foundation grant.

We can’t get enough of Fleur Jaeggy’s unique, peculiar, addictive prose, and you?


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