@giulia_mangione is an Italian documentary photographer and visual artist working in Scandinavia. 

Thanks to the @cmlericifoundation’s scholarship, she had the opportunity to travel to Sweden to continue working at her ongoing photographic project Black Swan, a visual narrative in the documentary genre that explores what are society’s collective fears towards the future. The grant allowed her to expand her research towards the marine sciences to understand which problems connected to climate change are currently being addressed.  

At the beginning of 2022, she visited the research centers belonging to the faculty of Marine Sciences of the @universityofgothenburg, namely Tjärnö Marine Biological Laboratory, Kristineberg Marine Research Station and the R/V (research vessel) Skagerrak. 

At Kristeneberg she met Prof. Eduardo Infantes, who has built wave tanks filled with sea water pumped from the fjord to simulate both waves and currents. His aim is to understand if the growth of eelsgrass (Zostera Marina) in shallow seabeds could reduce the impact of the waves on the coast and coastal erosion as well.

Do you want to discover more about her project? 

Visit the ”Archive Projects” page here on the Foundation’s website and find out more about Giulia’s inspiring research! 


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