In the past few days, you probably read a lot of articles about artificial intelligence and the Google’s engineer who claimed that a chatbot was able to produce “human phrases”.

Francesco Baldassarra is a researcher in product and visual communication design. His research areas include the design of nonverbal emotional communication systems and digital fabrication technologies in the field of Social Robotics and Human- Robot Interaction, Data Driven Design and digital design tools for Industry 4.0.

Thanks to a C.M. Lerici Foundation’s grant, he carried out a six-months research project at Malmö UniversitySchool of Arts and Communication Department.

Its purpose was to investigate how robots’ non-verbal communication can trigger an emotional response and to what extent expression and feeling are connected in a human-robot interaction. Communicating, experiencing emotions and empathy are the basic elements of human relationships, but can a robot express emotions and feelings?

These questions at the basis of Francesco’s thesis project led to the design of Pyo, a robotic platform for emotional research in human-robot interaction.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Discover the results of this project reading Francesco’s final report here on the Lerici Foundation’s website in the Archive Projects section.


If you would like to help out Francesco’s research project, you could fill out this short form here. It is a quick test to collect data on the platform developed in his 6 months of research, but the project is still a work in progress. Thanks for your collaboration!


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