”Välsignad vare fadern” is the latest novel by the Italian author Rosa Ventrella. It’s a story about how to deal with the roots of violence, told with anger and empathy at the same time.

Rosa grows up in San Nicola, the oldest and most dangerous area of Bari, a city in southern Italy. In San Nicola, amongst narrow alleys that lead down to the sea, violence reaches you the moment you are born. Rosa and her brothers grow up with a violent father, whose nickname is Angel Face – a name that comes from his irresistible appearance, even if there is nothing angelic about him. Despite the lies and betrayal of Rosa’s father’s, her mother can’t stop loving him.

Rosa understands that she must save herself. When she meets Marco, she decides to change her name and fleed to Rome with him. Years later Rosa receives a phone call and she is forced to return to her hometown, searching for her roots and trying to leave her dark legacy behind in order to finally free herself from violence.

”Välsignad vare fadern” is the latest novel by Rosa Ventrella published by Bokförlaget Polaris thanks to the C.M. Lerici Foundation’s literature grant. The book is also Ventrella’s third novel in Swedish.

📚 Do you know the other books published thanks to the Foundation’s grant?

Find them here on the foundation’s website and discover the Call for Literature Grants which opens in December.


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