Call for Applications 2022 is finally open!


The C.M. Lerici Foundation Call for Applications 2022 is officially open! 📆

Starting from today – 1st December 2021 – until 31st January 2022, you can send your application and present your project to the Foundation.

Who is the call addressed to?

Swedish and Italian citizens interested in cultural and scientific exchange projects in Italy or Sweden;

Italian and Swedish publishing houses which aim to publish books translated from Italian to Swedish, and vice-versa.

Read the complete call on this website for further details!

Call for Applications 2022

Are you an Italian or Swedish citizen?
Are you an Italian or Swedish publishing house?


Starting from tomorrow you can apply to the C.M. Lerici Foundation’s call for applications 2022.

The C.M. Lerici Foundation supports the cultural and scientific exchange between Sweden and Italy providing scholarships and literature grants.

Read the complete call on this website!

Call for Applications 2022


From 1 December 2021 to 31 January 2022, you are welcome to send your application and require a scholarship for your project abroad.


Italian and Swedish students and researchers who work in a wide range of subjects – such as science, economics, literature, engineering, art, and so many more – and want to carry out study and research projects in Italy or Sweden

Italian and Swedish publishing houses


In the next few days we are going to present the new Call 2022, giving some useful information, explain for which kind of projects you can apply for, but we will also give you some suggestions.

Swedish Stories – Cecilia Pasquale

Cecilia Pasquale


I’m Cecilia Pasquale and I’m a post doc at the University of Genova Università di Genova, where I study models and control strategies applied to the field of transport.

Since a few weeks I’m guest of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology to study the vehicular traffic of the next future when automated vehicles will be a reality.

Thanks to the Lerici Foundation for giving me this chance of study and exchange with other young colleagues!

Swedish Stories – Elena De Zordi

Elena De Zordi


My name is Elena and I am a master’s degree student in medieval and byzantine art history at Ca’ Foscari university in Venice.

I am deeply interested in byzantine culture and at the same time I was an exchange student in Sweden during high school, so I wanted my master’s degree thesis to be about a subject that could encompass both worlds.

It may seem odd, but on the island of Gotland there are some artistic remains that testify intense contacts with the byzantine empire and medieval Russia, and they are going to be the focus of my work.

Thanks to the Lerici scholarship I had the opportunity to study at Uppsala university, where I had access to their wonderful library and where I could meet many professors to discuss my research.

I also travelled to Gotland, to the marvelous city of Visby, where I could finally see in person all the things I had been reading about for so long!

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Swedish Stories – Annalisa Piccolo


Few days ago I took you to the Klara district, which was a very important place for the writer Stig Dagerman as well.

Dagerman considered Klara as the place of his spiritual birth. The writer spent a lot of time in this area, where some parts of his debut novel “Ormen” are set. Here were also located the offices of Arbetaren, the newspaper for which Dagerman has long been editor. It was in Arbetaren in March 1952 (the year the demolition began) that Dagerman published a wonderful article entitled “Strövtåg i Klara”.

Dagerman strolls through the streets of the district and relates “memory” and “reason” in a dialogue in which the old buildings are the setting and the witnesses of dreams: a place full of memories in which it is difficult to feel alone. This may resonate as a prediction of how loneliness is central within the modern, functional societies in which we live.

Can we be more lonely in the modern world also because of the demolition of places of memory?


1. Stig Dagerman, photo by Arbetarrörelsens arkiv och bibliotek

Swedish Stories – Annalisa Piccolo

Hej there!

I am Annalisa again!

Are you ready to discover Stockholm through literature with me?In the relationship between urban landscape and literature, I have a special focus on the historic Klara district, located in the southern part of the current area of Norrmalm.

Before the demolition, the district was the media center of the city. This was the seat of newspaper editorial offices, publishers, cafes and budget hotels. All these elements created an ideal atmosphere in which poets and artists throve.

The poet Nils Ferlin called the area around Klara Church “Klarabohemen”.


1. Kajan block, Klara Folkets hus under demolition, Stadsmuseet i Stockholm

2. Demolition in Klara. Konstfackskolan and Klara Church’s tower, Stadsmuseet i Stockholm

Swedish Stories – Annalisa Piccolo

Annalisa Piccolo


Annalisa Piccolo here!

Studying and writing about this wonderful city and its history by living it up close is an added value that is giving me the means and inspiration to complete my work to the fullest.The Frescati campus surrounded by trees tinged with the colors of autumn, the university library designed by architect Ralph Erskine and the Royal Library create the ideal frame for it.

Thank you, Lerici Foundation, for this great opportunity!

Swedish Stories – Annalisa Piccolo

Annalisa Piccolo at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics at Stockholm University


My name is Annalisa Piccolo and I study Swedish language and culture at Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia.

I’m writing my thesis on the relationship between literature and urban landscape, with a particular focus on the city of Stockholm and its architecture and how this has been experienced and narrated in literature.

Thanks to a scholarship from the Lerici Foundation, I have the great opportunity to write my thesis here at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics at Stockholm University.

Follow my journey in Stockholm to discover more about the city and the Swedish literature!

Swedish Stories – Daniele Galleni

Daniele Galleni

Hi everyone!My name is Daniele Galleni and I am an art historian.

I studied at Università di Pisa and at Scuola Normale Superiore, and I had my Phd at Scuola Normale in joint supervision with Aix-Marseille Université – En.

I am focusing my research on the period between 19th and 20th century, and the international spreading of styles like Eclecticism, Liberty/Art Nouveau and Art Déco.

I have understood that it is of paramount importance to study these phenomena under an international perspective: that’s why I am in Stockholm to reconstruct the history of the 1920 exhibition of Italian Decorative Arts held at the Liljevalchs konsthall and the connections between the Italian artist Guido Balsamo Stella (1882-1941), who was the curator of the event, and the Orrefors Glass Manufacture, in a collaboration that will help to introduce Art Déco Style in Italy.Thanks to Lerici Foundation, I will have the opportunity to explore museums and archives here in Stockholm and in other Swedish cities (do you know, for instance, that in the Röhsska Museum collection in Göteborg there are two rugs from the small Abruzzo city of Pescocostanzo bought at the 1920 exhibition?) in order to rediscover and better understand an episode of cultural and artistic exchange.