Do you know the Swedish-Italian stories?

Do you know the Swedish-Italian stories?

Discover more about the past projects supported by the Lerici Foundation.

Maybe they could help you in the preparation of your application.

Maybe they could just inspire you!

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What will they tell us?

Swedish Stories – Elena De Zordi


My name is Elena and I am a master’s degree student in medieval and byzantine art history at Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia.

I am deeply interested in byzantine culture and at the same time I was an exchange student in Sweden during high school, so I wanted my master’s degree thesis to be about a subject that could encompass both worlds.

It may seem odd, but on the island of Gotland there are some artistic remains that testify intense contacts with the byzantine empire and medieval Russia, and they are going to be the focus of my work.

Thanks to the Lerici scholarship I had the opportunity to study at Uppsala University where I had access to their wonderful library and where I could meet many professors to discuss my research.

I also travelled to Gotland, to the marvelous city of Visby, where I could finally see in person all the things I had been reading about for so long!

Thank you so much for this opportunity!


Swedish Stories

Hi there!

I’m Stefania, graduated in Medical Biotechnologies at University of Catania.

During the last summer I joined the Vascular Biology group at the BioMedical Center of Lund University for a post-graduate internship. The goal of the project in which I was involved is to find a possible connection between the eyes and the brain in the context of dementia caused by vascular events, such as heart failure.

The purpose was to investigate the potential of the eyes to predict the neuronal damage in the brain, in order to anticipate it and operate before the actual disease develop.During these amazing 4 months, I learned a lot and I spent my time with wonderful people who will remain forever in my heart.

I am very proud of this experience, which has been possible only thanks to Lerici Foundation. So thank you very much for your support. I am just grateful.Stefania

Can my project be supported by the Lerici Foundation’s scholarship?

Can my project be supported by the Lerici Foundation’s scholarship?

Sometimes it’s hard to figure it out.

If you are wondering if your project fits the call’s requirements, you can read more about the projects which received a scholarship from the Lerici Foundation in the past years.

You can find them both on the Foundation’s website and social media.

Read the carousel for all the details.

Which is your study or research field?

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Subject Areas

Starting a new year means that new projects are coming.
Maybe 2022 will be the year in which you finally carry on your project abroad.Maybe in Sweden or Italy.
Could your project be supported by a Lerici Foundation’s scholarship?
We have already seen which kind of projects are admitted by the call.
But which subject areas?
The Lerici foundation supports projects in a wide range of subjects, both scientific and humanistic, such as art, literature, dance, science, math, architecture, engineering, and many others.
You can find a list with all the projects which received a scholarship from the Lerici Foundaton in the past years. This can help you understand if your project is similar to them.
If not, no worries: write us and we will figure it out together!

You can contact us by email:

Food Costs

If you usually struggle with numbers and calculations, this will definitely help you!
On the C.M. Lerici Foundation’s website, you can find a chart with the costs you must consider and include in your budget.
In fact, in the application form you must indicate the budget you would like to require. This budget must be supported by a detailed list of the costs you are going to bear for your project abroad, including the ones for board and lodging.
While the lodging costs can be different from case to case, things are easier for food. The table on the Foundation’s website will help you considering the correct average costs for food depending on the number of weeks you are going to spend abroad.
Do you find any difficulties in food and lodging costs?

Budget & Costs list

Which costs can be included in the budget?

The Lerici Foundation’s scholarship can cover part of the costs which are necessary to carry on your project abroad. It is important to know which costs can be included in the budget, that you must indicate in your application form. At the same time, it is also important to know which costs CANNOT be covered by the scholarship, in order to present a proper costs list. Discover more about list costs and budget in this carousel.

Which costs are more difficult to calculate for you?

Which institutions can I collaborate with?

Which institutions can I collaborate with?

If you want to apply to the C.M. Lerici Foundation’s Call for Scholarships, your project must include an activity – such as a workshop, a research, a special course, an internship, or other (we talked about this in the last post) – in collaboration with an institution in the host country – Sweden or Italy.

But which institutions are considered valid for the project?

Basically, any institution. The majority of people think that only universities are eligible in order to apply to the call. You can actually apply if you are planning to collaborate with any kind of institution, both public and private, as long as it is suitable for your project. The host institution must also provide a document in which both the project and the visiting period are confirmed.

In the next post, we are going to analyze all the documents you must present when applying to the Lerici Foundation’s call.

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Which projects are supported by the scholarship?

Which kind of projects are supported by the C.M. Lerici Foundation’s scholarships?

This is definitely one of the most frequent questions we get!

You can apply for any kind of project outside your current regular course, such as research visits, Summer courses, or workshops. It is not possible to apply for a scholarship for a regular bachelor’s or master’s degree or for a PhD, but you can apply if you need to research for material for your thesis at any level.

Your project was not in the list?

Write us about it and we will find it out!