Domenica Dininno received a scholarship from C.M. Lerici Foundation in 2019 to carry out a project about the digital management of cultural heritage information at Lund University.

In order to define shared methodologies to tackle the problem of 3-dimensional reconstruction in the archaeological field, in the last two decades several relevant initiatives have been undertaken, including the Virtual Archaeology Special Interest Group (VASIG), the international Computer Application organization and quantitative methodology in Archaeology (CAA), and the European EPOCH project.

The aim of Domenica Dininno’s study was to define and test new 3D acquisition workflows of cultural heritage employing High Performance Computing resources. Particularly, her project presented an approach for studying and efficiently managing the collection of Historiska Museet of Lund University, and it was part of the project Dynamic collections started in 2018 at the University of Lund coordinated by Nicolo Dell’Unto and Fredrik Ekengren in collaboration with Marco Callieri (Visual Computing Lab ISTI-CNR in Pisa).

You can read more about her project on the Foundation’s website: search for “Projektarkiv” or “Archivio progetti” on the menu.

Photo by Hulki Okan Tabak on Unsplash

Enchanting Architecture

The Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm was designed by the Italian architect Gio Ponti in the 1950s.

The project was realized thanks to the financial support of the Italian engineer Carlo Maurilio Lerici, who had a lifelong relationship with Sweden as the Italian representative for some Swedish steel companies.

Beside the scientific disciplines, he was also deeply interested in humanities. In the late 1950s, he decided to give life to the Foundation that bears his name and still provides scholarships for Italian and Swedish students and researchers, but also grants to Italian and Swedish publishing houses.

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of cultural relationships between Italy and Sweden, the Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm decided to publish “Enchanting Architecture”, a book that aims to revisit these eighty years and pass them on to posterity.

The C.M. Lerici Foundation and its founder Carlo Maurilio Lerici are part of that history as well. For this reason, the researcher Frederick Whitling dedicated an entire chapter to them in “Enchanting Architecture”.

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Viola Ardone for Årets bok 2021 (Book of the Year 2021)

Viola Ardone has been nominated for Årets bok 2021 (Book of the Year 2021)!

Established in 2016, the award wants to “pay tribute to the books together with the Swedish people”.

Every year 12 books – both Swedish and foreign novels – are nominated based on a number of criteria such as high linguistic quality and well-told stories in terms of plot, characters and environment.

According to the jury, the novel “Hoppets tåg” by Viola Ardone is a “rare fine depiction of childhood filled with life and humor”.

The book takes place during the post-war period in southern Italy, when Antonia puts her 7-year-old son Amerigo on a train to a foster home in northern Italy. “A gripping novel that is told from the child’s perspective, and the clear-eyed boy goes straight into the reader’s heart to stay there forever.”

“Hoppets tåg” was published in 2020 by Norstedts with a literary grant from C.M. Lerici Foundation.

Now it’s up to the readers!You can vote your favorite book on www.aretsbok.se

Travel with books

Is it possible to travel thanks to imagination?

The answer is yes and books are proof of this.

Books are magical tools that allow us to overcome boundaries and reach people and countries far away (both real and fictional, it really doesn’t matter).

During the last year people have spent more time inside their homes and “books have proved to be powerful tools to combat isolation, reinforce ties between people, expand our horizons, while stimulating our minds and creativity”.

According to UNESCO in fact, in some countries the number of books read has doubled. CM Lerici Foundation did not stop its effort in the promotion of the Italian and Swedish literature in the two countries.

In the last year, it supported the publication of many new books and many others are going to be soon be published.If you are searching for some reading suggestions, here’s some of our titles.

Housing in Sweden

What are you worried about when you are planning to move to Sweden?

Finding an accommodation.

Yes, we can relate.

But don’t worry! We decided to list the first things you should know when you are trying to find an accommodation in Sweden.

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“Jag är bror till XX” – Fleur Jaeggy

Jag är bror till XX” (“Sono il fratello di XX“, Adelphi Edizioni) is a collection of short stories written by Fleur Jaeggy in 2014.

In these stories, in which time and space seem not to exist, you will not find a regular and linear path, but you will notice the pleasure for storytelling. Fantasy, autobiographical inspirations and reflections about life’s foolishness are only a few ingredients of these stories, where the neurologist Oliver Sacks, the Russian-American poet and essayist Joseph Brodsky and the Austrian poet and author Ingeborg Bachmann are the main characters.

Fleur Jaeggy is an Italian writer born in Switzerland, but she has lived in Milan since 1968. Jaeggy writes in Italian and her books have been translated into 30 languages. Her most-known novel is “I beati anni del castigo” (1989) – Swedish title “Tuktans ljuva år” – which has been awarded the Italian literary prize Premio Bagutta. Another novel “Proleterka” (2014) was named by The Times Literary Supplement as one of the best books in 2003.

Both “Tuktans ljuva år” and “Proleterka” have been published by Nilsson förlag, that has recently translated into Swedish “Jag är bror till XX” too, thanks to a grant by the C.M. Lerici Foundation

Nationalmuseum Stockholm

Nationalmuseum in Stockholm is Sweden’s museum of art and design.

Its collections include painting, sculpture, drawings and prints from 1500 to 1900 and applied arts, design and portraits from early Middle Ages until present day.

The museum has finally reopened with a new exhibition – “Zorn – en svensk superstjärna” (“Zorn – a Swedish Superstar”) – that is dedicated to one of the best-known Swedish artists.

C.M. Lerici Foundation supports art students and researchers as well and the Nationalmuseum’s collections offer many interesting insights.

Do you know this museum and its history? Would you like to visit it?

International Children’s Book Day – Moomins by Tove Jansson

Once upon a time, there were strange little creatures, somewhere between trolls and hippos“.

Today we celebrate the International Children’s Book Day (ICBD) with one of the most loved childreen’s books.

The Moomins where created by Tove Jansson, a Finnish writer who belonged to the Swedish-speaking minority. She is known all over the world for the Moomin series, that received the Andersen Prize.

The Moomins are a family of adventurous and friendly trolls: Papa Moomin, Mamma Moomin and little Moomin, who also live with Grugnina, Moomin’s girlfriend, and Sniff, Moumin’s friend. Other characters are the cousin Ombra, Tabacco, Mimla and the little sister Mi, the distant relatives Fungarelli and many other strange creatures.In Italy the Moomin series were first published as comic stripes on the magazine Linus.

Nowadays Iperborea published these stories as books and many others are planned to be published in the next few months.