Swedish Stories – Sarah Malandra

Sarah Malandra at BioMedical Center-BMC of Lund University

Hi all! 🖐

I am Sarah and I’m so glad to briefly tell you about my last amazing 4 months spent in Lund, Sweden.

At the BioMedical Center-BMC of Lund University, I joined the Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory to work on an exciting project about Parkinson’s neuropathology.

In particular, we combined novel genetic and viral vector technologies to demonstrate the functionality of transplanted neural stem cells in preclinical models of Parkinson’s disease. I have been surrounded by brilliant people: new colleagues, friends, young and senior researchers that enriched my experience, personally and professionally.

Every moment leaves me a mark and, I could not sincerely thank Lerici Foundation for the opportunity.

Swedish Stories – Eros Quesada

Eros Quesada

Hello, it’s Eros Quesada here!

I am writing from the Havsfiskelaboratoriet, Institutionen för Akvatiska Resurser (Department of Aquatic Resources, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences – SLU Aqua).

In this Institute I have been welcomed by the most skilled and kind people.

I have been involved in the tagging of tuna operations at sea, participating in a collaborative scientific project between Institutes of Sweden and Denmark (Bluefin Tuna Marathon, part of the GBYP ICCAT).

I have been assigned with an office where I perform the data analyses. I have also been involved by the international senior researchers – PhD and PostDoc community in meeting and project presentations. We also did team – building activities (we learned how to silver – forging and visited the Akvariehallen – Universeum in Göteborg)!

Most importantly, I always find something new to learn and nice people working here. Nothing of this could happen without the support of C.M. Lerici Foundation.

I would like to thank everyone involved for their kindness and their mission to give young people a life changing opportunity. You have helped me to write an important part of my scientific background as well as a personal experience that I won’t forget.

Ha det bra!

Swedish Stories – Eros Quesada

Eros Quesada

Atlantic Bluefin tuna has intrigued men since the very beginning of our history.

This species exhibited strong oscillations in the past, in some cases reflecting a difficult relationship between man and the sea. Right now, things are going better. After 50 + years of disappearance, this “fragile giant” of the sea seems to be back in the northern waters.My name is Eros Quesada and I am a marine biologist from Italy. Following the migration of this species, I arrived in Sweden in order to study the spatio-temporal variations of its presence using cutting – edge satellite technologies.

In the next days, I will bring you with me at SLU – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala.

Join me!

Swedish Stories – Alessia Bareggi

Alessia Bareggi

Hej hej!

My name is Alessia and I am from the University of Pisa.

I graduated in Archaeology with a dissertation about the study of human skeletal remains, and now, thanks to the C.M. Lerici Foundation scholarship, I have the great opportunity to enhance my experience with an internship in the laboratory of Historical Osteology at the University of Lund!

I arrived in this pretty little city just one week ago, and I am already in love with its vibrant atmosphere, its September colors, and the kindness of its people!

I am very grateful for being here and starting this adventure, essential for my academic and personal growth.

Thanks so much, C.M. Lerici Foundation!

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LUIGI PIRANDELLO, “En, ingen och hundratusen” (”Uno, nessuno e centomila”), Palaver Press

After “Havet når inte Neapel” (“Il mare non bagna Napoli”) by Anna Maria Ortese, palaver press publishes another Italian literature’s classic novel.

“En, ingen och hundratusen” (”Uno, nessuno e centomila”) by the Italian writer, poet and playwright Luigi Pirandello is a story that shows how a man’s personality can be dissolved into the reactions of those around him.

This is Pirandello’s last novel, first published in 1926. Now, it has finally been translated in Swedish for the first time by Vibeke Emond and published by Palaver press thanks to a Lerici Foundation’s literature grant.

Is there any better way to start the week?

Swedish Stories – Alice Traverso

Alice Traverso at Humanisten, Göteborg University


My name is Alice Traverso and I’m attending the master’s degree program in Scandinavian studies at Ca’ Foscari, Venice.

Unfortunately due to the covid pandemic I missed the chance to do an Erasmus project last year, but thanks to a scholarship that Lerici Foundation gave me I’m now here in Göteborg to find materials for my master’s thesis.

My main focus is the female body and its relation with feminism, patriarchy and society.

What does it mean to be a woman living in contemporary society?

Which is the role that a female body has nowadays?

And what about menstruation, diet culture and body positivity, pregnancy, porn industry, rape culture?

Challenging questions, I know, but I’m in the right place to find the answers.

Here at Humanisten I not only have the possibility to study in the library of the university and find books and articles that I need in my dissertation, but also to talk with professors and researchers in the gender studies’ field.

Thanks for the big opportunity Lerici Foundation!

Discover Uppsala University

Segerstedthuset, Uppsala University Administration Building, photo by Emil Widlund on Unsplash

Which is the first university founded in the Nordics?

Yes, it’s Uppsala University!

Founded in 1477, today it is a comprehensive research-intensive university with a strong international standing. Uppsala University is actually divided into 3 disciplinary domains: humanities and social sciences, medicine and pharmacy, science and technology. It includes 9 faculties and about 60 departments and similar units.

We can find 15 Nobel Prize laureates among the Uppsala University’s alumni, such as Carl Linnaeus, botanist, zoologist, taxonomist and physician who formalized the modern system of naming organisms – the binomial nomenclature, and Anders Celsius, astronomer, physicist and mathematician who in 1742 proposed the Centigrade temperature scale, which was later renamed Celsius in his honor. Some of these laureates (8 to be precise) received the Nobel prizes for discoveries made during their time at the University.

Have you ever been to Uppsala?

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Discover the students and researchers’ projects on the Project Archive section

Did you know that on the Foundation’s website, on the “Projects’ Archive” page, you can find all the projects supported by the C.M. Lerici Foundation in the last years?

For example, you can find the project carried out by Alessio Domenico Leto, phd student in Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

During Spring 2021, he spent a visit research at Chalmers University of Technology, where he collaborated with prof. Mattias Roupé. The main outputs of the academic research were: – The development of the case study “Celsius Project” with the aim of publishing an article on the “Architectural Engineering and Design Management” journal. – The comparison of the gains and barriers identified in the Celsius case with the gains and barriers identified in the master’s theses related to Building Information Modelling (BIM) and developed at Chalmers University during the years 2009-2019.

If you would like to discover the result of this research, you can read more about the project on our website.

Time to go back to work!

KTH, Stockholm

It’s time to get back to work!

Are you moving to Sweden soon, maybe with a Lerici Foundation scholarship?

Swedish universities are going to open again their doors to students. In Sweden the Academic year is divided into two semesters. The Autumn semester usually begins in late August or early September and it ends in the middle of January. The Spring semester begins in the middle of January and it ends in the beginning of June.

Many universities organize introductory weeks for their students, such as KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, that welcomes its students between August 16 – 28. If you’re not in town yet or if you are planning a visit period at KTH, you can take a virtual campus tour. It will guide you through the campuses exploring student life “at Sweden’s largest and highest ranked technical university”.

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